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A little politics

I have tried not to watch the news of what is happening around world and for the best part have stayed away from the television news. However, I feel that the talk of fake news and conspiracy theories being bandied around are getting to the point where humanity is showing that we have no future. If such a large percentage (and by that I mean anything more than 0.000000000000000001%) believe politicans, conspiracy theories to any more extent than entertainment, and politicians then we are truly doomed. Supposedly developed countries are acting like corrupt 3rd world countries that lack morales and common sense that the world has always needed.

My dad always said to take anything that happens in the world with a pinch of salt unless it affects you. Then decide what you are going to do about it and get on with it. Everything else does not matter. He always told me to be good to people and not take people on face value. He always seemed to see the good in people until they did something that he felt was wrong.

Well, Dad the world has taken a bad turn since you died. A real bad turn. The world has gone crazy. Conspiracy theories about the government trying to control our very thoughts, a worldwide epidemic being made up by governments to take our rights away, politicians not even knowing the rules that they are putting place, and even more crap of sensationalising untruths and lies on the news for the sake of what? Racism, intolerance and money grabs are the only things that seem to be on the rise. What we need is tolerance, equity, care, social responsility and good health. Mix in with that trust, science (proper science not sensationalism) and patience. Not a difficult recipe I think but the world seems to have lost sight of these simple principles.

I am at a loss as to how people think there is a new world order that is trying to control us. Even if they are lizard people from another planet why would they be any more controlled than humanity. Even if it was a super AI computer it would have been initially programmed by humans and therefore would have all of humanities stupidity. People have way too much confidence on politicans and business leaders to be intelligent. Most of the politicans and business leaders I have met are single focussed on one thing. Money. They are way to distracted by money to have the intelligence and focus to want a new world order. They are just people with an overriding drive for money. Conspiricy theorist, the press and people in general its easy, if money is attached to something then that is the drive. They see power as money and money as power. They do not have a higher reason.

The politicians of every country are not in politics for the good of their countrymen, they don’t really have long terms plans. Not Russia, America, China, Brazil, UK, Europe, no country has a government that really cares about its people. Face up to the fact that life is what each one of us makes it. Make your government answerable to what they do if it affects you. Get them to do the moral and right things. That would be a new world order. Demand honesty from the governments, it will make the politicans very uncomfortable having to tell the truth.

I am pragmatic about humanities place in the universe. I see each of our lives as fleeting, when it’s done it done, no replay, no act 2. I also think that humanity is just Mother Earths experiment, and again it will be fleeting. Nothing lasts for ever. I find these thoughts to be reassuring, I know some would find them terrifying.

The spec of dust, Earth, that we all sit on is almost at the cusp of starting a new experiment, humanity is telling mother earth that the little inconvience she has thrown us is too much. Stupidity has taken over. Well Mother Earth have fun with the next experiment, don’t feel bad, don’t be tough on yourself. Humanity was an experiment. Maybe we have got to the point that we can not develop any further. Maybe the explanation as to why the cosmos is so quiet is that you have not cracked the stupidity gene. Try again pet, good luck and thanks for the ride, I enjoyed it for whats it worth. (NB : I would try the insects this time, I have a feeling they might do better)

Well me and Tam are ignoring all of it other than I get some entertainment that makes me shake my head and think what has humanity come to. Between Tams problems and my grief for the loved ones I have lost I have no time for it. We are living our lives according to the wisdom of my Dad. The bits of the craziness that touches our lives I work through or around. Yes it is limiting but no more than I will allow it. Does it depress me? Not any more, let the idiots get on with it; right Dad?

My purpose in life is protect Tam and give him as many tools as he can cope with for his life. I will continue to be understanding and caring with people around me. Anything else is a waste of energy.

Take Care


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