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Music for Healing

A while a go I read Neil Peart’s book Ghost Rider - travels on the healing road. In it he talked about his tiny little soul and the alter-egos that he had. He was grieving for his daughter and wife who died over a short period of time. In case you don’t know the name Neil Peart he was the drummer in a band called Rush. If I say “Tom Sawyer” or “Spirit of Radio” you might know them songs. Anyway I could really align with Neil about the feelings he was having. He talked about the fact that the only reason he carried on was because he could not die. He questioned how people survived after such a loss and when they did survive what came out of the other side.

I have been a Rush fan since their first album in 1976. Neil passed away earlier this year and the world lost one of the best drummers ever seen and heard.

One thing that his book talks about the healing power of various things around us. For me its been music. I have revisited music from my youth, to discovering new albums. Over the past few years since Bev died 2 albums have stood out. Miles Kennedy - Year of the Tiger and Fish - Weltschmerz.

Fish and Marillion were a big part of my music in the early 80’s. I had the joy of seeing them live a few times. I don’t dance but I would bounce around like a nutter at Marillion concerts. I saw on my limited news feed that Fish had a new solo album out and that it was to be his last one. It is an absolute gem of an album from the call to arms that is the final track Weltschermz to the stunningly beautiful haunting Garden of Rememberence.

Fish covers more ground in less than 90 minutes than most artists can in there whole career. Sir you are THE WARRIOR POET. This is with out doubt the best music, poetry, story telling of the 21st century. Congratulations on such a meanginful and beautiful album of poetry, storytelling and music. Your voice is as majestic and strong as ever it drips passion and meaning through your beautiful storytelling and you have produced your best work ever. Talk about going out on a high.

Back to you lot (sorry got lost in the moment). Please take a few minutes to watch or listen to the videos. They are both worthy of your time and are very different. For anyone who has had a loved one who has dementia I would ask that you get some tissues as Garden of Rememberance will make you cry. I know I did while just listening to the track, it stopped me in my tracks as my head soaked up the words. Then I saw the video online and cried for my Mam. Please watch you will not be disappointed. Give the Album a listen if you are dissappointed please see a doctor, there is something wrong with you.

He’s lost between the here and now Somewhere that he can’t be found She’s still here Her love a ghost of memory She’ll wait for an eternity He’s still here

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