A journey through grief with autism.

Alan Greenwell

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It’s been a tough month.

The distance between good days and bad days became a problem and I needed to ask for help. After a couple of conversations with the Doc I am feeling better and moving on. Tam bless him knew that I wasn’t feeling great and was very loving and caring. He was taking me into the kitchen and telling me to make “a cuppa”.

Daily timetable

We are still operating a daily timetable and Tam has grown to expect it and often picks the topic that he wants. He has really started to chill when we read together and has pretty much stopped whinging when I get the book and show him our timetable.
I have started to realise that I need the daily timetable as much as him and we are now at a place where we are looking at other things to do. I have started sketching again and it is so nice to get on the bean bag together with some paper and pencils and just scribble away. Tam is drawing lots of stick men. I am drawing places that we have been. It is very therapeutic.

The next month

Well the only thing I can say is that we will take each day as it comes. We are not stressing about things. We are just keeping each other sane and making the best of the time together. We have lots of tickles, lots of daftness and some serious daddy stares when things get a little silly. For now though, every day and night as it comes.

Stay Safe
Alan & Tam

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