A journey through grief with autism.

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Back to School

Tam was up at 1am this morning. Tried to give him a drug to help him and settle before school but it did not touch him. So we have had breakfast, dinner, tea and supper! At 2am he wanted to get ready and go to school. I was relieved but had to explain it was 6 hours to go. Tam has zero, absolutely zero patience so that was not easy. Then at 8am when I tried to get him ready all I got was “NO”, “stay at home with dad”. Oh hell.

A very patient talk with Tam and a weak daddy voice and we got ready. Packed his day pack and off we went. I was playing his current favourite YouTube video for him as bribery (the best parenting tool) and he got the in the taxi and went off giggling. Phew. Now just wait to find out what type of day he has.

That’s Tams favourite video at the moment. He giggles so hard and shouts “baby, doggy”. I have no idea why it tickles him so much either.

I have to get busy. Not think.

*** Update ***

Tam had an excellent day. YYYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSS. Never mind COVID-19, my boy enjoyed school. He has not enjoyed school for so long. Happy Daddy. Bev did you see our boy, did you see him. He enjoyed school. So proud of him.

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