A journey through grief with autism.

Alan Greenwell

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It September and the birthdays are here. Your birthday and your Dads. Sad day that you are not here.

Tam sang (and cried) happy birthday to you this morning at 5am. He had a big cry with me and then I got him busy. I have told him we will go to Starbucks and buy you a cake tonight.

We both miss your more now than ever. Each thing that passes without you is not a sweet as it used to be. The hole in our lives gets no smaller. You are a huge miss for both of us.

You would be blown away at how tall Tam is. He is nearly 5ft 11 inches (give him a few weeks and he will be 6ft). His speech is coming on and he is back to loving school. Not so bothered about sleep though.

Happy Birthday my sweet.

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