December 8, 2021


Posted on December 8, 2021  •  2 minutes  • 265 words

December is always going to be hard for Tam and me. The hole that was left in our lives when Bev died gets bigger again once December comes around. For Tam the sight of Christmas decorations and adverts can become too much and I have to try to isolate him from it.

This year seems things seem to have become too much for him earlier than usual.

After his incident at respite it was only a few weeks before he had another and that has been followed quickly by more and more. I don’t think it is fair to Tam to put one reason forward. I think it is far more than that. You could pick from puberty, love of school, missing his mummy, and just purely his autism. Then pick anyone of a hundred things that bug and frustrate any typical teenager and I think you would have a rough recipe.

The biggest problem with Tam is keeping him safe. His is getting bigger, taller and stronger ever day. When he disregulates and explodes he is what I can only call efficent. He has destroyed 2 televisions, a computer and camera and all kinds of smaller things in 2 incidents that barely took a minute. We are doing without a TV over christmas as it is safer not to have one.

So for now it’s keep everything on a tight leash and reduce the inputs to Tams frustrations the best I can. The biggest drive is to keep us both safe.

I will probably write one more post when he breaks up before christmas.

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