A journey through grief with autism.

Alan Greenwell

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At times, it is very difficult to get Tam to engage with things. It does not matter if it is play, food or chores. Sometimes he will just not open up to the world around him. This week in part has been like that. We have boughts of engagement but it is on Tams terms.

It’s the end of week one of the holidays and while it has not gone to a hoped for plan it has essentially gone as well as I can hope for. Tam has… well he has done what has been asked of him as far as daily chores and shopping has been needed but anything other than that has been greated with a no or him just dragging his feet. Even going to the shops for essentials has led to Tam asking to “go home now” before we even got to the shop. On the bigger things he has just wanted to be home.

Like I said in the last post (I think I did anyway) all of the plans made were fluid. If they were not going to work, then we try something else. If they worked then great. Well we are on about a 20% success rate of plans vs reality. Hey that’s better than 0%. As the Hulk said “I see this as a win”.

Right that’s out of the way. It’s Monday-2 of the holidays and I am writing this the day after Tam’s fizziness over flowed. I think the lack of talk about school got him frustrated and he lashed out. I am sporting a new bite on my leg but the more important part is that one day on and Tam is calmer.

Week 2 is upon us and we will take it like week 1. Take each day as it comes, and if that is a tough day then each hour as it comes and if necessary each minute as it comes and passes.

Stay safe.

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