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I don’t know if this is a thing, but whenever I have got myself to a break of more than a few days I always end up sick for the first few days. The last few days at work have been so hectic and then time off and illness. Always seemed to happen, the same thing used to happen to Bev. Not sure other people have the same thing. One thing I do know is Tam has the same reaction.

After a lovely active day on Saturday Tam has succumb to the “cannot be bothered” syndrome. Today he has just wanted to lie in his nest on the sofa. He has eaten but not held it down. He asks for tickles and loves but a few seconds is all he wants. Calpol, milk and quiet is the order of the day. Some visits to the toilet to be sick and some sleep will be the pattern. I often wonder is it a bug, but the pattern is there and we deal with it according to the playbook. Quiet day.

During this time there is no hand flapping or humming, no bouncing around, its just quiet stillness. Any question about going out to the park or to the pictures is met with a quiet “NO”.

So a peaceful day cleaning the toilet, providing Calpol and plenty of fluids and a lot of love.

Have a chill day.

Alan & Tam

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