A journey through grief with autism.

Alan Greenwell

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Its 5am on Monday 4th November and half term is almost over. In a few hours the taxi will arrive to take Tam to school. Right now he is sitting quiet with his iPad paused watching Wildlife SOS. All is quiet, nice and quiet.

What has the last 9 days been like. Well it started off badly with Tam being ill. He spent the best part of 2 days being sick. He was in a bit of a state but the meds that we got helped and soon he was feeling better. It was a bit of a frantic time cleaning and tidying as we went but Tam likes to help so not so bad. More worried and anxious about what was wrong with him.

The rest of the time has had its good moments and its bad moments. As usual one of the hardest things to deal with has been sleep. Over 9 days I think the total amount of sleep is probably about 20-24 hours. I have to admit that I had to shut the door and lie in front of it for 20 minutes sleep to keep going.

Tams separation anxiety has not abated. It is as bad as ever. He is my constant 3D shadow. I have worked hard with him to get over this and we have had little successes. Those have lasted a few minutes but they are a start.

We went to the pictures a few times and our recommendation is Abominable. We both really liked it.

School soon and Tam is sitting in his uniform (and has been for the last 3 hours). It has been a tough break for both of us but we have worked together and come out of the other side.

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