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Alan Greenwell

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Tam & Mammy

With everything going on in the world why are the kids going back to school?

Oh this all feels so wrong right now. Tam was hating school before the shutdown. He was kicking scratching and biting me on a night once he realised he was going to school the next day. He was fighting in the morning getting ready and this continued getting him into the taxi. He was coming home with ripped tshirts. And now after 6 months of home schooling I have to send him back. This feels so wrong.

During the 6 months of no school I have home schooled him. Even when we have been nocturnal. Every day, 7 days a week, we have had a schedule of eating, school, learning, and fun. Tam has done so well and we have both benefited from the schedule. Everyday we put loads of energy into it. I now have to change that to something that worries me a lot.

My worries are many, will Tam have issues again and end up putting staff and other kids in jeopardy. Will he catch COVID and be ill. He could bring it home and he could end up being an orphan. Shit all of the worries. Does this really make sense for the kids and the teachers.

Once Tam gets used to going back to school, lets say he enjoys it, how will he react to a lockdown again. Change is hard.

Right, Greenwell. You have written it down. Swallow it. Stand up straight, smile and get on with it. No time for worrying. Got things to do.

Stay Safe

Alan & Tam

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