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Tam has had a very sleepy 3 days. He has spent a lot of time sleeping on Friday and Saturday which I think is related to the increased dose of Promethazine.

He has had a couple of incidents over the weekend, when he boiled over but they did not last as long as previous. Less than 30 minutes and he came down from them. No sign of what triggered the incidents.

The Doc has prescribed 2-3 doses of 10mg of promethazine given regular over the day with a dose or 2 held back for if he boils over like he has this weekend. He has written it up so that you will be covered if you need to use it at school. I know there is only a week left but it’s worth knowing.

No major incidents since Thursday night / Friday morning so I feel like we are on top of things for him. Not real happy that he has slept so much but at least we can both get some rest. I think he has slept over 30 hours in 3 days. At least he has still had the energy to ask for and go for long walks.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to give me a bell.

PS. Tam has the wrong journal!!!

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