December 26, 2021

Holiday Part 1

Posted on December 26, 2021  •  2 minutes  • 264 words

After a few really bad days for Tam and me we have got to a better place as far as coping with the loss of Mammy and the lack of school to focus on.

The first few days were heart breaking and very difficult. It ended up with me calling the emergency support teams for help as I was able to get control of the situation and both Tam and me were not safe. Well the reponse led to a new drug to help calm Tam down. It was a very difficult situation and absolutely broke my heart, my little lad was hurting so much.

Well a few days on and the drugs are helping Tam. No violent outbreaks, some upset and crying and a bit of confusion relating to being on holiday from school but a much better place for Tam to be. It does not stop me drom worrying about him and the future. It also has me worrying about how the drugs are affecting him otherwise which means I am constantly checking on him (and I think he gets a bit sick of me doing that) but so far all is fine.

Still got a week left of holidays but I think we are in the swing of it. Tam and me both get a bit down when we find ourselves thinking about what happened four years ago but that is part of our life. The hole in our lives that Bev left gets no smaller or easier to deal with. She is missed more every day by both of us.

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