A journey through grief with autism.

Alan Greenwell

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All good stories have a beginning, middle and end. This one will be no different, today is the beginning of the school holidays. It will be a difficult time for Tam as he has really got settled into the rhythm of school after a dreadful year of stops and starts. I have put together a flexible schedule for each day so that we have some structure to work with. Tam likes structure, I don’t but we all make sacrifices for our kids and Tam needs all the sacrifice I need to give him.

So day 1 - Friday 23rd July 2021. 46 days of holiday, deep breath and remember to breath.

As I update this epic I am not going to talk too much about where we are, that would be a bit silly and open us up to bad things so it’s going to be more with how Tam copes and then historically we will talk about when and where we might or might not have been. I hope you understand that slightly over cryptic explanation.

Right now Tam is getting used to the idea of (in his words) “no not going to school tomorrow”. English grammar and double negatives are the last of our worries, I am just glad that he was an understanding of no school for a while.

Last day of this story will be 8th September 2021. That feels like a long time away. I just hope that looking back from it that it will feel like it gone quickly. So a peaceful, giggly start.

Oh and just a comment on the fact that there have been no posts for a while. Well to put it simply we have been too busy and a lot of the time I just have not had the time. Writing these posts over summer is part of our daily routine and the only thing I need to do is to make sure I upload them to the website as frequently as I can.

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