A journey through grief with autism.

Alan Greenwell

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I am not totally sure of my reasons for writing a blog or a book at the moment. All I know is that the main subject that I have been writing about, my son, his autism and grief are important to me. I have looked for research and guidance on the web and elsewhere and have found little of substance. There might be on Facebook and maybe stuff is hidden on there, but I am not on Facebook. I don’t particularly like social media and I am more comfortable having a phone call or one to one interaction that tweeting about things. Plus I have removed myself from world news and social media so that I can be more proactive with Tam and kinder to myself by ignoring the ignorance and stupidity that seems to be in control of things.
I did think of taking writing courses and maybe finding an online course to improve my writing but my internal voice keeps putting this off. I have started writing content based on my scatter gun thoughts and making a headline and an outline and dumping my thoughts in the moment. Then I am revisiting those headlines and rough thoughts as they take me. At this point I have about 80 plus headlines or subjects. It is a challenge and it will be interesting to see where this takes me.
If you invest your precious time into reading what I post I hope that somewhere I help you in some small way. You are more than welcome if you want to reach out to me. Please email me (Contact form on the bottom of this post), I will reply with my answer which will have contact details on. If you feel the need to give me feedback, then please give it as constructively as possible. If you want to criticise then go somewhere else for your kicks, I don’t think you will appreciate the kind of response that I will give.
This exercise might end up being a totally cathartic and I might be shouting into the void and vacuum of cyberspace. Either way I decided to do this so that if someone came across this while going through the difficulties of grief with an autistic person, that it might be of some small help.
Just a last note, if you are expecting a linear read from day one until now, I am sorry you will be disappointed. I might feel able to organise my thoughts at a later point but right now it will be a scatter gun approach that at times will be contradictory.

Be good to yourself and take care,

Alan & Tam

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