A journey through grief with autism.

Alan Greenwell

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Shopping list for anyone entering isolation/quarantine


But some classic DVD’s - anything before 1970 is great. A throw back to simpler times and when dialogue in films was given time to breathe. Easy to watch.

A laptop tray. It is multi functional and serves as a base for hobbies, eating and putting your warm laptop on as you binge watch all of the Netflix/Prime/Disney stuff you have not had time for.


Setup several deliveries from your favourite grocery store. Space them out and don’t go crazy. Don’t binge buy. Think ahead instead. If you have a delivery coming a couple of times a week with what you need then things will be fine if you stick to the normal amounts. Oh and don’t forget to put some luxuries in. A simple bar of nice chocolate or sachets of a hot drink for a change will make life in isolation much more pleasent.


Reach out with phone calls or video calls to people you have lost touch with or haven’t spoke to for a while. Don’t be apologetic, just say you where wondering how they were doing and now time was available and the world has gone crazy you just wanted them to know you were thinking about them. Ask them what they have been up to. It’s nice. Try it.

Saying thanks

Delivery people. Give them a small tip, a couple of pounds as a thank you. They are in the thick of it. Say thank you, and wish them well. I had a laugh with my delivery person as I was wiping a few pound coins with an alcohol wipe and handing them to him from the wipe. We both laughed. Crazy world. Be thoughful, practice saying thanks more.

Keep busy

Start a hobby, restart a hobby, do an online course. Keep busy. Use the time wisely. When we all come out of this you will know something new and feel good about it.

All of these things will help. Me and Tam have started how we mean to go on. Keep safe, keep warm, and stay sane.

Alan & Tam

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