A journey through grief with autism.

Alan Greenwell

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Tam has been a sweaty boy during the night. Asking for ice cubes and drinking lots. Checked his temp and it appears “normal”. For the most part he is behaving like he has a cold, just this time it is lasting more than a day. Normally when he gets a cold he just wants to sleep it off and that lasts a day. This is turning out to be a little different. He still has a tickly cough but it comes and goes.

10am on Wednesday and after a very broken nights sleep Tam is still in bed and fast asleep. Breathing is fine, temperature is “normal”, so for now I will let him sleep. His nest is made ready for when he gets up.

For my mental health I have deleted all of the news apps on my phone. I am largely staying off news sites on the web and spending more time being busy with other things. I think keeping busy right now is important.

So apart from writing updates I am doing some web development and rebuilding my computer. Both good tasks to keep my mind active and off the craziness.

12:28 Tam is up and sitting beside me with his feet up. He’s a little warm and cuddling my arm as I type. Just before all of this we got a pack of DVDs that are science fiction classics. Right now Tam is transfixed by “The day the earth stood still”, the 1951 classic, not the one with Keanu Reeves. So all is chilled (so to speak) and he is comfortable and safe, and I am chilled.

On the first full day of isolation I would say the most important things that anyone can do is to keep busy, find some great films to watch (old classics are great) and cut down reading the news and social media. The news and social media is full of sensational crap that largly are sound bites and click bate that is just noise. Better to cut out the anxiety inducing crap and ignore the stupidity of it all. What happens in your home is far more important that what is happening outside. As long as everyone in your home is safe and being looked after all the noise in the media is pointless and disruptive to our lives.

More later from the house of Greenwell.

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