A journey through grief with autism.

Alan Greenwell

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Last night was the best nights sleep for both me and Tam. Tam did not wake once. No crying, no bad dreams, just sleep. This morning he still has his cough, but again it is on and off. No temperature for now, just a lad who is glad to be home and lying on the sofa watching a cowboy movie. He loves the old movies.

I am feeling a bit achy but that does not feel like anything new. The good nights sleep was much appreciated this morning. It was nice sitting with the quiet around us having a cup of coffee and not feeling like crap. Sleep is good.

Today we are going for an isolation walk. A bit of exercise. It looks real quiet outside so we will pick our moment and have an hours walk around the park. Might even take the camera. I think the thing to remember is isolation and social distancing are the same think. It is OK to get some exercise just respect the distance. End of public service announcement.


Well we never made it out. We did stick to our regime of a structured day, eating, film, classroom time, tickle time, tidy time. All done together, essential to our sanity.

Tam is coming out of his cold/flu or whatever it has been. Still not sure. I have had no health issues other than keeping my anxiety under control.

Rinse and repeat tomorrow with one exception - we have a big orange bean bag coming.

Stay Safe

Alan & Tam

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