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Our Love

Happy Birthday Bev

Time is passing, are things getting easier for Tam or me? No is the honest answer. The hole that Bev is left is getting bigger not smaller. Each event that happens that she does not witness and be part of with us makes it a lesser event.

Tam going back to school for a new year was full of excitement with Bev. She made such a fuss of Tam and I don’t know how she did it. I cannot work out the Mummy thing she did. All I can do is the Dad thing for Tam and for that I feel like I am failing Tam. I have to keep reminding myself that life is cruel and we have to make the best of it.

Well babe, you would be so proud of our son right now. He has been to Bedburn for a couple of nights and had fun. He came back so loving and full of giggles. He needed a rest from Dad after six months of being in each others pockets. His first day back at school has went well. So bloody proud of him. Sleep is still strange with Tam. He is a nocturnal boy. He definitely has a different circadian rhythm.

Happy Birthday babe, miss you more everyday and love you more everyday.

Alan & Tam

PS. We are still feeding the crows. We have a new one called Arthur who has two white feather in his wings. He is the a bugger for pecking on the window for food. I think Dave taught him that trick.

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