A journey through grief with autism.

Alan Greenwell

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For the longest of times both me and Bev would ask the support staff at school and in the medical profession - “when will Tam speak?”. None of them would give an answer. Now I get why. Every child is different and every autistic child is even more different.

Since lockdown me and Tam have been using as many different ways to improve his speech. Tam has always been a little quiet and his speech is slurred. So I thought that the best approach to begin with was to get him “proud and loud”.

One of the ways we do this is by reading something and recording it into the computer. I make it so he can see the waveform of his voice and I challenge him to make the colours brighter. Once we have done that we play it back. First to just listen to and then again to go over the words where he is quiet or just not pronouncing the words. We do this a few times and then he gets to pick a video to watch on the computer screen.

Now with all this said it has to be fun. Fun for Tam and fun for me. There is no faking it. If Tam senses its a drag then he won’t want to do it. If we are laughing and having fun he will try his best and progress will come.

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