A journey through grief with autism.

Alan Greenwell

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We started the week with a three day stay at respite. It went well. Tam ate and was settled more than previous visits.

This was followed with 4 days at school. The days at school seem to have gone well. No reports of bad behaviour, just mischief.

Monday and Tuesday nights were ok. Tam was tired and wanted sleep more than anything else. Wednesday ended up with Tam being really upset and violent asking about school. Thursday night was even worse, lots of biting, scratching and kicking and it went on for a while. At least a couple of hours.

Now Monday was a training day so no school and it was also the day I picked him up from respite. So tonight when he started to get wound up I tried to calm him quickly, but it did not work. He snapped and started to attack. I immediately told him “no school tomorrow” and he stopped and cried. For over half and hour he cried and wanted cuddles.

Now, a few hours later, and Tam is totally chilled. Sitting with his legs over mine and watching me type while we have Peter Rabbit on TV and Marvels Avengers playing on Tam’s tablet.

I think it is easy to see why I kept coming back to something bad happened at school. I now have to look at this as separation anxiety. This is going to be a long road with no easy shortcuts.

Alan & Tam

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