July 2020

Shitty long month – Tam been ill. Lots of bites. Difficult to move forward. Feel like I am in quicksand.

Tams Journey

A group of photos showing Tams journey.

Walking the well trodden path

Tam Mantra

Thought I would upload this little file of me and Tam doing an abridged versions of Tams calming mantra. Enjoy


Tam has just got up from sitting with me and pulled the blinds up. He did that yesterday at exactly the same time 5:12am.


Yesterday Tam was getting back to normal. This morning he woke with a cough. It was not the usual cough but enough of a cough to be a worry. It went on for a couple of hours and was joined with a couple of sneezes and some sniffling. Temperature was OK but with Tam temperature…

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Crazy World

Its Sunday at 11pm and Tam has been asleep on and off all day. 30 minutes here and hour there. A couple of hours ago he threw up. Still not sure if it was stress or ill. I can normally tell by the smell but this time I think it was half and half. Let’s…

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What has worked?

I am going to start off by saying I am nothing special. I am a dad nothing more nothing less. My brain is analytical, it’s good at pattern matching and fire fighting. Give me a bad IT situation and I will find a way to get it back to a good situation. I know I…

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