Well its Tuesday morning at 5am and things have been calmer tonight. No biting, kicking. Calm and simple tea, lots of cuddles and a beautiful thank you at the end. Then Tam asked to go to bed and dragged me off with him. I knew he had not slept much the night before and was…

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This weekend has been terrible for sleep. Tam has soldiered on with about 4 hours sleep total. It’s Sunday evening and I have been trying to talk to him about sleep and it has degraded into him attacking me. I have a bit mark on my hand and a cut on my nose. Everything I…

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Newcastle Sunrise


5am and Tam is petrified to sleep.

Young Tam

School hols nearly done

Its the start of September and six weeks of holiday are nearly done. Only a few days left and a lot to do. Not least is to get Tam back into getting ready for school at the right time. That feels like an impossible tasks at the moment. Today is another day with no sleep.…

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Tam at night


Some times you have to be thankful for the peace and forget about trying to sleep.

Bev and Tam

Autism and grief

What are the stages of autistic grief?