It’s 3:30 in the morning and Tam is busy on the computer recording himself reading into the computer. Once he is finished we play it back and read the book together with the recording playing. We then work on the word he does not read clearly. In the meantime I am sitting behind him and…

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Tam on Lawn

Health (COVID-19 Edition)

Keeping Tam fit and healthy has always been a major factor in looking after him. I have wrote about how not having the ability to communicate with him or understand the reactions he has to pain makes it difficult to decipher what is going on with him. For Petes sake he once ran into a…

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Failure with a capital F

Today should have been Tams last day at school before the christmas break. It ended up not being that way.This morning he was spun up and running on empty after not getting much sleep. The time came to get ready and all hell broke loose. He got really upset and screaming. Asking for tight cuddles…

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Christmas stress

Its been a while since I have posted anything to the blog. The main reason being is that things have been very difficult. Christmas is bringing a lot of reaction from Tam that is at times difficult to deal with and heartbreaking. I have had to unplug the TV aerial because the christmas adverts are…

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One of the best ways for me to learn is to reflect on my actions and look for progress in as many ways as I can. This process can be a bit rough as I am no where near perfect and if the truth be known I am a pretty faulty version of what is…

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Week End 15 Nov

The past week has been a tough week in comparison to the previous week. Tam struggled to sleep and settle at night over the weekend. It was like something had switched on inside him. His behaviour was fine, he was quiet during the night, but as soon as I pushed him into going to bed…

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Me and Tam

Separation Anxiety

I have spent quite a lot of time looking into any information that I can find on separation anxiety. Most of it is about the mental health aspect of it, some of it is about methods of coping with typical kids starting school or playgroups. Very little of it is about separation anxiety caused by…

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Looking Back (6 weeks holiday)

Looking back over the holiday I have to learn something. The thing I have to learn is relax and listen to my son