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Go - Week 1

So I have a few web pages bookmarked. I have bought an analogue book and off we go on a journey to flexing my tiny little brain again. Over the past couple of years my brain has taken a beating (as well as my heart) and now I need to get it on line and operating properly.

Monday 21st September 2020

Open disclosure, I am not a stranger to programming. In recent year I have mostly written scripts and small python programs to strip files and search logs but I know my way around Python, Perl and Bash scripting. Years ago I was a programmer using COBOL, Forth, Pascal, Nomad, and a few others. I know the frustration that programming can bring but I also remember the elation in delivering a new program to fulfil a business or personal requirement.

So what is the focus that I have decided on. Well I want to build a simple editor that puts together TOML and MarkDown files for use with a web server. I have written out a synopsis of the features that I want and I have broken down a stepwise approach to fulfilling this goal.

I am not putting myself under any time pressure as the primary goal is to exercise and stretch my brain. The secondary goal is to learn something new and for some reason I have picked the Go Language. Finally having an editor that does just what I need it to do with no fluff would be great. Also at the end I will release the code on Git to give back to community. Someone who uses Hugo or Jekyl system might find it useful.

Day 1

Cleared space, put some music on and start to read. No programming today, just reading. Will be trying to read for 2 hours. Got a notebook and pencil for making notes. Hope this book is not too dry.

The book I am using is “The Go Programming Language” by Alan Donovon and Brian Kernighan, published by Addison-Wesley.

*** Update

Well day one did not go well. I think that less than 2 hours sleep is not a great place to start from. Still managed to read the first 2 chapters. Deep breath and will do better today.

Day 2

A better day studying today. Got through the first 2 chapters again and this time understood the examples and was able to modify them to do different things. Also got my head around the basics of error handling. Managed to skim over the next 2 chapters which I will read tomorrow. The idea is to take each step and if I feel like I don’t have a solid handle on the chapter and the methods then I stop and will redo the next day. Only computer time was trying the examples and modifying them. Feel positive about what I have achieved.

The programming mindset is starting to return to me a bit. As if the ability to concentrate. Baby steps in rebuilding my baby soul and brain.

Day 3 - 7

This week is all of sudden reduced to skimming over chapters and checking out some documentation on the Go Language site. Tam has to be home and my time looking at Go will be as and when he lets me pick up a book or use an tablet to read a website. So for now more next week. Progress is slow but I do feel that I am getting a slow understanding of the basics. Lets see what the next few days bring.

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