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Go - Week 2

Day 1

Not much done as Tam refused to go to school and I have had to keep him calm all day. Not an easy day but ideas are formulating in my head for other projects.

Day 2

All returning to normal. Go a bit of time today and looked at Fyne and played with the examples. For what I need to do it looks like it will do what I want. My mind needs to see of the building blocks to be able to continue, and if the graphical part looked like wizardry then I would have just stuck to a character interface for now. No, the building blocks look fine and I have an outline to work to so onwards and upwards.

Day 3

The actual internal part of Go Language seems pretty simple. The organisation of it is very structured so I have moved onto checking out videos and continuing to read the books that I have. My method is to firstly be honest with myself. I read a chapter of the book, find a video or website on the item I have been reading and see if I feel like I know the subject well enough that I would only need a hint on syntax. Then finally I think about how I would teach it to someone who hasn’t programmed before.

Day 4

Right now I am looking at slices. It feels like a simple enough concept but when I read some code that uses slices I get a little lost. This subject might take a bit longer.

Day 5

OK, I have stepped away from slices and have started looking at GUI Frameworks. I think I have decided on Fyne. I have watched a couple of videos on developing a text editor type app and the presenter pretty much had it done in 20 minutes. Now I am not fooling myself that I understood all of the code and concepts but I get the drift of the process and could imagine the code running before he demonstrated it. Felt pretty happy with the process and watched a few more of the videos that they have put out. Check them out on YouTube, search for Fyne GoLang and look for the Fyne group.

Day 6

Started to look at the Go Language packages. It is difficult to find a single source of all of the libraries and the functions other than the GoLang website but to be honest once you get used to the format it is easy enough and has some good examples.

So slices are waiting and I am reducing myself to understanding the contents of the packages. When I start this project fully then I want a reasonable handle on how to do thing. Is the io package that I need to do something or is there a better package with Fyne.

Day 7

So week 2 and a couple of draft attempts have been written to get a handle on things. The attempts will probably look stupid and clumsy in a few weeks but they work for now. I was chuffed when each of them compiled and I could run them. I will upload them as examples for myself as well as people to look at my crappy first attempts at Go. They are what they are, working programs that don’t really do anything useful but they are steps on a jpurney.

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