A journey through grief with autism.

Alan Greenwell

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Being a single dad and looking after an autistic boy has a lot of perks and a lot of drawbacks. The major drawback is brain antrophy.

With Tams behaviour being unpredictable I cannot work in the normal sense of having a 9-5 job. If something happens to Tam then I have to move and move quickly. It does not matter if he is at school, respite or at home, things change too fast for Tam and I have to be there for him. At a minimum you could call Tam complex without grief and PTSD of losing him Mammy. So I need to find as many tools to learn to place in my arsenal that are saleable.

Now I can knock together a website, trouble shoot complex network systems, break systems to find weaknesses and a bit of programming, but I need something that stretches my brain. A new direction that will benefit my mental health and possibly give me a different source for income. Now programmers reading this are giving themselves a facepalm slap. They don’t see how programming is going to help someones mental health. Well all I will cay is that I love solving problems, learning something new and my brain is ridicuosly analytical. So programming for mental health here we go.

An the tiny tiny little pun at the end of the last paragraph is that after looking around the many computer languages I have decided on the Go language. The intention is to write a few things to help me and Tam on the computer as part of the learning process. I did look at the Flutter framework which uses Dart and meant I could write things for use on Tams tablet computers but I decided that our time on the computer is more distraction free and productive so Go Landuage it is.

I will be documenting this in a series of posts, each spanning a week. I will also set up a GitHub repository and post any interesting code or examples that I have found useful. This might not succeed and my tiny little brain might not grasp the fundamentals never mind the more complex side of programming in modern languages but here we GO.

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