Holiday Part 2

Well the holidays started off bad and got better.

Tam started some new medication and it appears to have helped with anxiety and grief. It has not stopped him getting frustrated at things or from getting upset and crying when he thinks about Mammy. It has helped with his massive eruptions of violence. All of the outbursts since he started the new meds have been fireworks that are bit damp rather than the full nuclear version.

It has been so nice having him enjoy some simple things and him being engrossed in various things we have been doing. Will be talking to the Doctor in the new year as to wether this is an option to continue with or to stop and see how he does.

Tam back at school in a couple of days (of all goes well). Got a massive list of things to do including getting my hand looked at. It has not worked properly since Tam dislocated a couple of my fingers. Biggest job is vacuum and clean.