Tams Journey

A group of photos showing Tams journey.


It’s 3:30 in the morning and Tam is busy on the computer recording himself reading into the computer. Once he is finished we play it back and read the book together with the recording playing. We then work on the word he does not read clearly. In the meantime I am sitting behind him and…

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Walking the well trodden path

Tam Mantra

Thought I would upload this little file of me and Tam doing an abridged versions of Tams calming mantra. Enjoy

Bad days

Looking after Tam and myself can be tough. Over the past few days it has been really tough. Yesterday Tam was sick. Nothing he had eaten that I can blame but he kept purging for hours and it became too much. I pleaded with him to go to bed and rest as I was not…

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Tam and Mammy

Over the past few days things have changed. We had been out for a walk around the park and something clicked in Tam. Before we even got home he was asking about the photos on the memory wall. At home he points at the photo and I tell him the story of when the photo…

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April Ends

It’s been a tough month. The distance between good days and bad days became a problem and I needed to ask for help. After a couple of conversations with the Doc I am feeling better and moving on. Tam bless him knew that I wasn’t feeling great and was very loving and caring. He was…

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3 More Weeks

So, we have 3 more weeks of lock down. Its 5:50am on Friday morning and we are still up. We got up at 6pm yesterday. Tam is relaxed and sitting next to me. We have a delivery from Morrisons in 5 hours which includes all of Tams favourite foods. Yesterday I talked to the Doc…

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