Hi Birthday Girl less than 1 minute read

Another year sweetheart and so much has changed.

Tams New Home

Tam is doing a lot better now. He is fit and well, his temper although just under the surface still, is more contained. I am so proud of how he is regulating himself. The team he has around him are doing a real great job helping him and redirecting him onto something more positive.

He is now in a house that is much safer and more suitable for him. Like all things not perfect but life never turns out perfect does it.

Tams New Home

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A New Start less than 1 minute read

So the search begins. Turning stones over to find out what is underneath. What has life got left to experience? What do I look like now? Plus a whole load of questions that I have not even thought about or want to think about. The healing is still ongoing. I miss Bev more today than ever. The hurt from the loss of her beauty and love is more intense everyday. A hurt I am only just starting to live with. Somedays it is crippling, somedays not so much.

I have to work towards being the best Dad to Tam as I... read more

Review of Past 4 minute read

Over the years since Bev died I feel like there have been so many let downs from a system that could only be seen as totally broken. I look back over the this period and think that if I had approached it from the perspective of that I was alone in walking out of the fire that life had become it would have been easier. If you have to depend on yourself then you will make better decisions that you can only blame yourself if they go wrong.

Where I am right now I look at the various people and organisations... read more