What to Do 1 minute read

First an example scenario. Just to draw a picture without getting too personal.

You are out and about and you see an advert for a dog walker. Just what you need. Your little guy needs to get some of his energy out and you have a busy life. You ring the dog walker up and agree a schedule. For weeks all seems great.

Then one day you are driving past the park and you see the dog walker dragging your beloved pooch behind him. You pull over and grab your dog and sack him on the spot.

A few week later you see... read more

Complaint and More 14 minute read

Posted 20Jan2024 03:05am

This is a long post so go get a drink before you go any further.

The point of this post will be to answer some of the emailed questions I have received from the last two posts (No Rescue and Post No Rescue). It will also give you all an update on my feelings on what is currently going on (loads of questions on this that I hope I answer).

Why do you write a blog?

Well the idea of blogging about grief and autism came from a counsellor that I was talking with. They pointed out the positives of... read more

Post No Rescue *Updated* 4 minute read

I was asked by a few people to write something about my last post. I have given it some thought and I still feel that what I wrote was from a place I exist in. A place that is for now my life. I don’t look for good in strangers. I watch strangers and generally in a few minutes I see something that shows stupidity or just downright selfishness. I care not what happens to humanity because in general we have written the cheques and the bill is coming to be paid soon.

As to me and how I feel. Well... read more