No Rescue

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I have seen too much death, suffered too much loss and I no longer fear death.

I look at society and each day I feel and see actions that convince me that mankind is a pox on this planet. We do not deserve to continue. We are faulted in so many ways. We chase ideals that are pointless and in all reality are man made constructs that are going to be the death of our civilisation. That is a word we do not deserve. We are not civilised. We fight wars over things like borders and oil, we kill people who look different to us, we kill because of beliefs, we are ignorant when compared to most of the animals on this delicate spot of dust floating in the cosmos. It is just a matter of time before mother nature eradicates us and moves on with another experiment. I wish her well.

I wish I did not feel this way. I used to see good in people. I worked on the principal that people were basically decent. I looked for the good in the worst people I met. I could generally find that good.

In the past years that has been crushed out of me and I have no wish to look for the best in people. I have interactions with people on a daily basis and I see the worst in them when they give me cause. The worst of this comes from people who are paid to care, the ones given the jurisdiction to decide on how to “care” for the most vulnerable amongst us. These are the worst of us.

Over the past years my son has been let down by many organisations that are supposed to be there to help. Each one of them has been set up to care for vulnerable people and each one of the organisations has let him down and abandoned him. Each one of the organisations has one thing in common, the individuals within the organisations is immersed in such a rotten and corrupt culture. They are so immersed in a self serving and inward looking organisation they are more worried about themselves than the task they have been asked to do. Each one has failed to see beyond there own nose. They see nothing more important than the quality of the cup of tea or coffee they have access to. They spend more time complaining about the lack of resources, money, staff and cannot see that they have become the problem. And yet the system props them up, and they continue with there abuse.

I could name each one of them individually and may in the future. The organisations that have let my son down are many but the worst are

- Bedeburn Short Break Services

- Newcastle City Council Children Services

- CYPS Newcastle

- Ferndene Hospital

Like I said I could add individuals names to this and I probably will later. It would be a little payback for the abuse my son has had from these organisations. If I do this then I think I will add the reasons why I think they should be included in my list of the worst of humanity. Then when the people on my list are googled by concerned parents then my son’s story will be a warning of the sickness within the care system.

Like I said earlier I am not fearful of death. I have suffered enough loss. My heart is crushed and nothing in my future can change that. I have no rescue. Nothing to lose and nothing to gain. Life ends and nothing follows. I look forward to the peace that follows this life. No more worries, no more hurt, just nothing. Peace indeed.



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