Hi Birthday Boy - 16

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16 years, where did it go. The last 5 and a half years have been tough for you. I know how much you have missed Mammy every second of everyday. I know it has been hard for you. I have tried to guide you through it, around it and under it and I know it has been hard. I only wish you did not have to find your way through such a terrible loss.

What I need to tell you is that Mammy and me are so proud of you. You have been so very strong and tried your very best. You are our warrior.

So much has happened since the moment we knew you were on your way. I have so many beautiful memories that you have given us. I hope you have those memories too.

Always remember you are loved by Mammy and Daddy forever. You are all we hoped for and we are so very proud of you in everything you do.



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