Post No Rescue *Updated*

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I was asked by a few people to write something about my last post. I have given it some thought and I still feel that what I wrote was from a place I exist in. A place that is for now my life. I don’t look for good in strangers. I watch strangers and generally in a few minutes I see something that shows stupidity or just downright selfishness. I care not what happens to humanity because in general we have written the cheques and the bill is coming to be paid soon.

As to me and how I feel. Well that comes down to the multiple services that have failed us and the way they show no humanity, empathy or decency.

As to my feelings, well I will outline the latest crap I have had to deal with.

Tam had a breakdown while he was out with his team. They dealt with the situation very well. They reported the incident and dealt with the careful aftermath. Tam was kept safe, he was not hurt. The next few days they worked carefully to distract Tam and worked through the situation. They asked advice and kept me informed. All was good.

Then I got a phone call that a section 47 was being done. At first I did not understand what this was. Then I read the documentation that is made public by NCCcs (Newcastle City Council Children Services). It looked, read and felt very heavy handed. I am cutting a lot of crap out but I saw a disparity between what the incident entailed and what NCCcs was doing. My spidey sense told me that people were being shady. So I asked questions, That was 12th December 2023. I have not had a reply and it’s the start of January. Nothing. I asked 13 questions, simple questions. No answer available. Shady people, Shady dealings.

I also raised alarms about how they went about the investigation. I asked that they not interrupt the care Tam gets. I asked that they not interfere with Tams team as it is a bad time of year for Tam and for me.

Well here they go. They pull all of the team that are looking after Tam (the same team that he was with during the incident) away from Tam and bring in the other team early. The team they pulled out interviewed at another location in Newcastle by some idiots from somewhere. Once that team was finished with another shift of teams had to take place and the damage to my son was done. I warned against what they did before they did it. I knew how they would play it. They caused my son to have to be medicated when he should not have. Karen, Andy, Warren, Linda and everyone else involved have hurt my son and stopped him from accessing a service he gets a lot from. You have allowed and taken actions that have hurt my son.

For clarity, I warned them not to do something. They went ahead and did it anyway. Tam had to be medicated due to their actions, he was confused by what happened. It caused Tam to be medicated when he should not have been put in the situation. If they had listened, Tam would not have had to be medicated due to their actions. I therefore consider that your actions have harmed my son.

Karen, Andy, Warren and Linda (plus all the others involved in the investigation). You have shown a lack of respect, humanity, empathy and decency. You have hidden behind your processes and procedures and rattled on doing things even if they do negatively affect Tam.

I see no courage, no honesty, no respect from these people. Cowards all of them.

Update - as of 10th January I have no reply to the simple questions and have had no communication with NCCcs

A copy of the last email to NCCcs

After trying to get Newcastle City Council Children Services to listen and react carefully to the care of my son I feel no other option than to go above and beyond.

NCCCS have shown a disregard for my feelings and warnings about my son’s care. They have entered into a review of an incident and caused my son undue and unnecessary harm which has led to him having to medicated and spoiling his ability to engage with services that he enjoys. Tams team were pulled from duty for interrogation and this has caused him unnecessary confusion. I warned about the consequences of being heavy handed and was ignored. Newcaste City Council have abused my son by interfering with his care. I find the actions of the management at Newcastle City Council to be against the welfare of my son and as such I think they should be removed from administration of his care.

I have no faith or trust in the actions of the management of Newcastle City Councils Childrens Services. They have been opaque in there actions and have not listened to my views in regard to the care of my son.

I point to the fact that a much worse incident took place at Bedeburn Short Break Service that ended with with NO INVESTIGATION and NO ONE TAKEN to task in relation to the mistreatment that my son was subject to.

For clarity I have absolute faith in the team from PCG and I know that they are keeping him safe. I feel that the danger that Tam has been put in comes from the management of Newcastle City Council Childrens services.

I am disgusted that it has come down to this and hold the management of Newcastle City Council responsible. I am not sure which of OFSTED or CQC are the right people to complain to but someone needs to take you to task over this situation.



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