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Another rotation around the sun is done. Half way through the first month and not a thing has been done

Tam is taking every moment of every second even when he is asleep.

The amount of love and attention he has needed over christmas is beyond belief, but we have come out of the other side. A period of time has passed that I hoped would have tempered the feelings that Tam has but with the million reminders of the time of year it has not dulled his emotions at all. To be truthful I would say this year has been the worst. I don’t know if it is because he is bigger and stronger but every blow up is very intense event that takes him longer to get over.

So the question I would like to know is what will 2023 have in store. I know what I hope for, but the likelyhood of getting that are slim to none. What would I settle for? Some peace for my son. For him to find a way to cope with the world and what it has thrown at him.



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