Hospital Admission

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Oh hell, the day arrived that I was fighting against for so long. I had to get Tam some help and the only form left to me is to have him sectioned.

What forced the decision?

Since the end of October 2021 Tam has been having problems with his anxiety and the coping mechanisms he normally has been using have slowly failed him. Part of the problem has been to get Tam out and about. Even going to the places he has always enjoyed are not motivating him to go out.

So what happened, how does it work?

Well a mental health nurse and two doctors came to the house. They talked to me for a while about what had been happening and got a pretty deep understanding of what had been happening in a short space of time. Some of the questions were a little uncomfortable but they were just trying to find out as much as possible. I can say with absolute certainity that they take their responsiblity very seriously.

As part of that conversation they would have normally talked to Tam as well. This was not possible so they just asked for a bit of time to talk without me being present. I went to see Tam and keep him as settled as much possible.

After a few minutes they asked to see me and explained that Tam needed to be taken to hospital under a section 2. Up to 28 days of observation and treatment. The ambulance was being organised and I needed to sort out some clothes and bits because it would not take long.

Tam was not really understanding a great deal of what was going on but he stayed calm and knew he was “going to the hospital to see a doctor for a few sleeps”.

He got into the ambulance, put his seat belt on gave me a kiss and told me to “shut the door”. A couple of minutes later and he was off to hospital.

I am not sure what to expect from the next few weeks. All I can do is to try to get myself fixed and work with Tam and his support teams the best I can.



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