Photo Walks

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Photo walks were always going to be a big part of the holidays for me and Tam. It’s a big part of his weekend to get out for a walk with a camera bag over my shoulder.

Well today is the first day of the holidays that Tam has been emotionally well enough to ask to go out with the cameras. But, and it is a big but which cameras. At first he tried to cram in 2 35mm SLR cameras, a medium format camera (that could stop a tank) and a point and shoot film camera. All well and good son but dad is not 20 any more and that is a lot of cameras. So Tam had to learn the hard lesson of which camera to take and which film he wanted.

An hour later and after much negotiation it came down to his old favourite a Contax 139Q and the Yashica Electro. Both have their own character and produce very recognisable photos with the same film. The choice of film was black and white. I don’t know how much he realises the difference the film can make to the picture and he might just pick the box he likes.

So cameras loaded, put in bag and ready and off. Light is very flat but for Tam that does not matter. He will grab a camera if he sees something he wants to take a picture of, and if he sees nothing then we will have had a walk, a cuppa and feel better for it.

Update: well only a couple of photos taken so nothing to process and scan but I will put them up once the films are done and processed.



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