March update

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I find us in a position that we need to make some tough decisions. Tam had a bad day at school on Wednesday and a couple of really bad nights due to that.

Not that I am keeping score but it is currently Tam 4 - Televisions 0. He was so angry on Thursday and Friday I could not send him to school and it came to a head a few times. Even with medication to help him calm down he still broke through it and got violent.

Unfortunately the support systems around us generally failed. Only school and social services provided any useful support. So I sailed close to the wind and medicated Tam the best I could to keep us both safe.

Now, on Saturday, we are still not free of the violent breakdowns. They are fewer and I have a handle on them and can largely diffuse them before they become too bad but they are still there. It breaks my heart when Tam is like this and I cannot stop my mind from wondering what would Bev feel like watching this.

So my big decision is how to get him back to school. I have a plan B but unfortunately I don’t like the chances of plan A. Plan B will have consequences with Tam and might cause the methods I am using to keep him calm fall apart. So I have less than 48 hours to develop a strategy while during the same 48 hours I need to keep Tam calm and as happy as I can make him.



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